2018 Taiwan International BJJ / No-Gi Championship

2018 Taiwan International BJJ / No-Gi Championship

7/21 Sat.

7/22 Sun.

Date: July 21-22, 2018 starting at 09:00.

  • Saturday (7/21) – BJJ
  • Sunday (7/22) – No-Gi Grappling / Kids BJJ

Venue: Taipei Nan-Gang Sport Center 3F
Address: No. 69, Yucheng Street, Nan Gang District, Taipei City 115
Divisions: Male/Female; Mighty Mite, Pee Wee, Junior, Teen, Juvenile, Adult, Master 1&2
Weight & Rules: CTBJJA rules for English refer to IBJJF rules.
Event Details: Details and rules for the tournament are available in English, Chinese, and Japanese through the links below:

Registration Cut-off: Thursday, July 12, 2018, 23:59 (Taiwan time).

Registration Cut-off Dates

Adult / Master 1&2



Gi or No-gi

Gi & No-gi

Gi or No-gi

Gi & No-gi


Early Registration 1 (6/7)

NT$1,000 NT$1,500 NT$800 NT$1,200 NT$800

Early Registration 2 (6/21)

NT$1,300 NT$2,000 NT$1,000 NT$1,500 NT$900

Regular Registration (7/12)

NT$1,500 NT$2,500 NT$1,300 NT$2,000 NT$1,000
Open Class,
add NT$300 for each event
Open Class,
add NT$300 for each event
No Open Class
for Kids

Weigh-ins will be held the day of the events at the competition venue.

Registration Correction Deadline:
Friday, July 13, 2018, 21:00 (Taiwan time)
If you do not have an opponent in your bracket you can contact tournament@ctbjja.org (Subject : CORRECTION) until the day before registration check day and request a change in your registration.

Registration Check Day:
Saturday, July 14, 2018, 18:00 (Taiwan time)
Competitors must check their registration information online on the registration check day. Competitors who are alone in their bracket are eligible to receive a full refund of the registration fee if they contact tournament@ctbjja.org (Subject : CANCELLATION) and request withdraw their name from the competition before the end of the appointed event registration check day. Otherwise, the registration fee is non-refundable.

If you have any questions, please write to tournament@ctbjja.org.

Registration is now closed.

Fighter’s list has not yet for checked), please check the Q&A first or write the mail to tournament@ctbjja.org , thank you.

BJJ 道服賽事

academy division

NO-GI 無道服賽事

academy division


has not yet for checked